Hollywood: We aren’t all white!

Do you know what the term “whitewashing” means?


gerund or present participle: whitewashing

1. paint (a wall, building, or room) with whitewash.
 “a suntrap surrounded by trees and whitewashed walls”
2. informal
defeat (an opponent) in every game of a series.
“Ireland were whitewashed 5-0”

3. a casting practice in the Hollywood film industry in which white actors are cast in historically non-white character roles.

Here’s a pretty terrifying diagram:


(From: Washington Post)

Wow. That is gross. With minorities making up more than 35% of America’s population, the diversity amongst executives working in Hollywood do not come close to being okay. Not only is there a massive racial imbalance in executive Hollywood positions, there’s also a gender imbalance.

This contributes to the white as default cycle, and is a massive contributing factor to whitewashing. The people financing, producing, selling, distributing films are white. They are biased towards telling white stories; towards representing white people because that’s what they think audiences want.

It’s easy to look at this and feel discouraged. It’s easy to look at that infographic and feel like the fight is too hard.

But this is exactly why we need to make a noise. This is why we need to complain about whitewashing. There is no place for it in Hollywood in 2016, and yet they continue to do it.

People will tell you to calm down, they will discourage you along the way. Keep making your dissatisfaction heard! Don’t let them tell you to lighten up.

You deserve your stories. You deserve representation.


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