Am I actually the crazy racist?

This is going to be short. Today I engaged in a lot of heated debate. I got angry, and in turn I got people angry. Some arguments ended as well as they could have and others… hmmm. Not so good.

I’ve been told to go get cancer and die. I’ve been called racist for standing up for diversity on screen. At first you laugh because you think they’re crazy. Eventually, when there are more negative voices shouting at you, more people favouriting those crazy tweets, than there are positive messages of support for you, it gets to be a bit much.

Sometimes the negative voices shouting at you momentarily manage to convince you that you might actually be the crazy unreasonable racist here.

Now every time a notification comes up, I do not feel keen for some positive engagement. I’m ready to be faced with trolls and ignorant bigots who think they’re right. Sometimes you don’t know which ones are worse – the ones that are deliberately being stupid to make you mad, or the ones who genuinely believe in themselves. Sometimes you feel like giving up.

This is when you have to keep fighting and spreading your message. This is when you have to reach back to how you felt when you started the campaign. Why did you start it? What did you want to achieve?

You wanted other people to feel that they weren’t alone. Look at your positive engagement, no matter how small it is. Those people didn’t feel alone. So that means you did it.

We aren’t all white, and it’s time people accepted that.


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